Meet Us

Store Overview

The Caribbean story is our inspiration and the best of these islands' cuisine is our gift to your taste buds… As such, we provide a curated line of iconic meal ingredients, pastries, and beverages from Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean. Many of these culinary delights that are sold in the store are traditional favorites while others are emerging new "must have" flavors.

Our History

Harborcroft Food's rich history dates back to 2007, when Heritage Trading International was started as a simple idea to share the vibrant tastes of the Caribbean in the USA . That store blossomed into a thriving ecommerce company that celebrated the heart and soul of Caribbean cuisines.

In 2016, the business was rebranded as Harborcrot Foods. In keeping true to its foundations, the founders continue to be firmly rooted in a similar respect for tradition, and a desire to bridge cultures through food.

Our Perspective & Vision

At Harborcroft Foods, we are very meticulous in our approach to product sourcing. With that principle in mind, we bring you good food ingredients that, when prepared, are sure to revive memories of living in the the tropical islands.

Alternatively, if you visited the islands and fell in love with the foods, or if you are just an adventurous customer looking for new flavors, this is the place to get the ingredients for authentic Caribbean meals.

Our Commitment to You

The core team at Harborcroft Foods knows the sentimental value of the products that we merchandise. As such, trust us to deliver traditional quality ingredients that are both easy to use and convenient to prepare.

You can thus confidently fill your cart with our lines of genuine food ingredients culinary that are of the highest quality and premium taste.