Meet Us

Store Overview

At Harborcroft's Marketplace it's all about food and fun!

As such, we provide a curated line of iconic meal, pastry and beverage ingredients from Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean. Many of these culinary delights you will buy from the store are traditional favorites while others are emerging "must have" flavors.There is also a basic array of home products such a soaps, candles, etc. and merchandise to promote Caribbean style leisure and fun.

The Caribbean story is our inspiration and providing you with a basic array of these islands' cuisines and lifestyle products is our sole mission.

Our History

The company's rich history dates back to 2007, when Heritage Trading International was started as an idea to share the vibrant tastes of the Caribbean with people in the USA.

In 2016, the business was spun off as Harborcrot Classics Ltd. In keeping true to its roots, the founders continue to be firmly committed to a similar respect for traditions and a desire to bridge cultures through food and fun.

Our Perspective & Vision

At Harborcroft Classics, we are very meticulous in our approach to product sourcing. With that principle in mind, we bring you only authentic products that meet the highest standard of quality whether it be food, home products or items for leisure or fun.

Our Commitment to You

The core team at Harborcroft Classics knows the sentimental value of the products that we merchandise. So since you trust us to deliver traditional quality merchandise, we commit to sourcing only high quality products that will please your discerning taste.